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On May 24, 1954 by Order No. 331 of the Ministry of Aircraft Industry of the USSR the branch of OKB-19 Ramenskoye Design Bureau was founded on the territory of Ulyanovsk aircraft instrument engineering plant (now “UTYOS” JSC), which has become the basis for establishment and development of Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau.

The first administrator of OKB-19 Bureau branch was Serapion Veniaminovich Zelenkov, Chief Designer of experimental design bureau of Ramenskoye town.

From 1954 to 1959 the branch was headed by Sgadov Fyodor Dmitrievich, Esipov Alexander Andreevich and Gubanov Sergey Antonovich.

During this period the following airborne instruments were developed:

  • sensors,
  • annunciators and indicators of altitude/airspeed parameters,
  • magnetic compasses and astrocompasses,
  • cockpit lighting fixtures for all types of domestic aircraft and helicopters.

From 1959 to 1975 Pakhomov Victor Pavlovich was the administrator and the chief designer of the enterprise.

These years saw further development of the instruments for measuring altitude/airspeed parameters, cockpit lighting fixtures and lighting and indicating systems. Angle of attack and sideslip sensors as well as products to be used on manned spaceships (command-warning instruments for the spaceship manual control, different types of lighting fixtures and keyboard units).

By Order No. 175 of the Ministry of Aircraft Industry, dated 30.04.1966, the design bureau was given an official name “Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau” P.O. Box Number: P-6456.

Since 1980 air data systems, electronic display and warning systems, information-control complexes for aircraft and helicopters have been developed and manufactured.

During this period UIMDB PJSC was headed by Solotov Avgust Dmitrievich (1975-1987), Abutidze Surab Severianovich (1987-1997), and since 1997 Makarov Nikolai Nikolaevich has been at the head of the enterprise.

Owing to the intensive research and development activity, advanced techniques as well as highly qualified and creative staff UIMDB PJSC commenced on development and manufacture of information-control complexes and high precision systems for measuring flight parameters.

In the last decades the company activity is focused on development and manufacture of:

  • high performance multiprocessor LCD electronic display and warning systems (integrated display and warning system,electronic flight instrument system, electronic instrument system, integrated instrument display system) and multifunctional displays;
  • fault-tolerant reconfigurable information-control data acquisition and processing systems aimed to monitor and control aircraft equipment;
  • integrated airborne equipment complexes for helicopters;
  • integrated systems for sensing, measuring and computing air data parameters and flight limits, as well as primary air data probes and sensors which are constituents of the systems (critical conditions warning system, limiting signal system, air data system, information complex of altitude/airspeed parameters);
  • cockpit lighting fixtures and lighting and indicating systems;
  • ground automated test systems aimed to provide testing and diagnostics of airborne equipment;

Among the permanent partners and customers of UIMDB PJSC products are such companies leading in the aviation industry as JSC Tupolev, JSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov Company, JSC Kazan Helicopters , Irkut Corporation, Aviastar SP, Voronezh Aircraft Construction Association and others.

UIMDB PJSC is the only Russia’s developer of electronic airborne equipment for Sukhoi SuperJet-100 which is to be equipped on the basis of international cooperation.

High level of developments opened for UIMDB PJSC the new prospects in oil-and-gas production and power generating industry, medical industry and in the development and production of the industrial equipment.

The up-to-date research, testing and experimental production base contribute to the high technical level of developments. Great attention is paid to after sale service of the produced equipment. The reliability indices and the system of support of UIMDB products in service are highly appreciated by the aircraft-and helicopter construction enterprises as well as by Russian airlines. UIMDB PJSC has ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certificate.

UIMDB PJSC closely cooperates with the enterprises of Ulyanovsk region; it is a participant of Federal and regional target programs, “Ulyanovsk Technopark” project.