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Quality and service

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QMS Conformance Certificate GOST ISO 9001, GOSТ RV 15.002 QMS Conformance Certificate BS EN ISO 9001:2008, EN 9100:2009, AS 9100 Rev C BUREA VERITAS CERTIFICATION Production Approval IAC-AR Certificate of JSC UIMDB conformity to RF legislation requirements in the field of the civil aviation which gives the right to repair airborne equipment

In conditions of growing business competition, constant effort to improve the quality of products and services, being manufactured, is the fundamental principle of the company’s work. The fact that the company satisfies its customers’ requirements by implementation of determined quality assurance policy has been providing stability and competitive ability of the company for a long time.

Main objectives of quality assurance policy are:

At the stage of development – achieving of high science and technical level of manufactured products, which meet international requirements; creation of products competitive to domestic and imported analogs.

At the stage of production – ensuring that serial products are manufactured in strict compliance with engineering data along with the constant enhancement of construction and technology.

At the stage of after-sales service – profound respect to the customer and his wish to buy a product of high quality; creation of steady confidence in company’s ability to supply high-quality products and services necessary to assure quality during the whole life time.

At the stage of testing – ensuring that developed and serial products are tested in strict compliance with regulatory documentation requirements.

UIMDB JSC current tasks in achieving main objectives are:

  • carrying out of each development on the level, which provides taking out inventor`s certificate (industrial or utility model patent);
  • assurance of certification and application of newly developed or enhanced products in accordance with the company’s specialization on each new type of domestic aircraft;
  • assurance of high level reliability of manufactured products, which meets modern avionic equipment requirements;
  • introduction of new design, production and control technologies, which provide manufactured products quality improvement and uninterrupted operation of aviation equipment concerning company’s products under mutually beneficial contractual conditions with customers;
  • assurance of test completeness and quality as a result of constant test base improvement and extension of types of tests.

UIMDB JSC administration activity is to provide understanding by all the employees the necessity of Quality Assurance Policy, carried out by the company. There have been created such technical, economical, organizational and moral and psychological conditions that contribute to development and successful realization by the employees of their professional abilities as well as conscious fulfillment of quality management system requirements in compliance with the system of standards GOST RV 15.002 – 2003, SAE AS 9100, GOST R ISO 9001-2008, Regulation 21.2 D and Aviation Regulations.