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The enterprise direction “Avionics” specializes in the development of the hardware platform for the systems developed at the enterprise and also performs the orders of the third-party organizations.

Multifunctional displays, computing devices, analog/digital data converters and other devices developed by this direction are used as “bricks” for integrated display and warning systems like EIS, EICAS, EFIS, aircraft equipment control system and helicopter equipment control systems; analog/discrete data conversion systems and data concentrators; signal limiting systems and air data computers and others.

This direction also develops lighting engineering equipment and performs the issue of industry standards for specification requirements and design of lighting fixtures, light annunciators and information display systems. At present there are lighting fixtures using high-brightness LEDs and lighting control that allow considerably improve the lighting conditions in the cockpit. These are lighting fixtures like СЗС-7, СТ7, СМ7, УВП3, СПК-1С, АКСФ-1, Сз-7 and onboard lighting control and brightness control.

The development and certification of airborne equipment is carried out in full conformity with DO-254(КТ-254) requirements that is according to the complete model of product life – starting from the concept of its development and completing with certification improvements of the product in the process of its operation.

НАСК-2000 systems have been developed and supplied to the main aircraft service centers to improve the post sale service of the enterprise manufactured products.

НАСК-2000 systems are designed to:

  • evaluate technical status of demounted aircraft and helicopter onboard equipment;
  • detect the failure location of the demounted unit up to LRU: a module;
  • testing of the onboard equipment of any manufacturers by means of special Automated Unit Control Device-Adapters;
  • acquisition, processing and storage of the test results of the tested units.

The implementation of НАСК-2000 system as a uniform tool of scheduled maintenance made it possible to reduce the number of different test equipment.

Since 2000 the enterprise performs the adaptation of its products to be used in the updated and newly developed ground vehicles within the frame of diversification.

On the basis of great scientific production groundwork this direction has developed different types of monitors and display units intended for increasing the efficiency of onboard systems used in the armoured vehicles.