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The system for remote monitoring of blood pressure and cardiovascular system

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UIMDB JSC has successfully carried out a regional project of monitoring blood pressure and cardiovascular system among the population of the Ulyanovsk region.

The system for remote monitoring of blood pressure is developed for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in our region.

This system is a new import-substituting telemedicine technology capable to be developed in different regions of Russia.

Firmware system components provide the following possibilities:

  • to use different means of communication – Internet, mobile phones, smart phones;
  • to use telemedicine at home;
  • to have operative communication "doctor - patient", timely response to the results of monitoring;
  • to analyze and store the dynamics of parameters being tested and to perform automation of doctor’s work;
  • the cost of telemonitoring equipment is rather low;
  • to store medical patient′s history in a computer;
  • to have computer-aided database, a common database of patient′s histories;
  • to perform statistical estimation of cardiovascular system activity of a particular patient or a group of patients;
  • To perform 24 hour monitoring:
    • to carry out electrocardiographic monitoring in two leads by means of portable cardiomonitor CКМ-01Ул (cardiointervalography, heart rate variability and ST-deviation);
    • to measure blood pressure and heart rate by means of ИАДА-03Ул 24 hour monitor using quasiauscultatory and oscillometric methods;
  • to provide telemedicine consultations for all participants of telemonitoring in the region;
  • to use wireless local nets on the basis of Blue Tooth, Wi-Fi;
  • to have standard data base and electronic form files of medical documentation;
  • to secure data base against unauthorized access.