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Youth Policy

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Youth at the enterprise

Every year the graduates from Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk State University, Kazan State Technical University and from other educational institutions are employed by UIMDB JSC.

Young employees get the opportunity to work in a team of highly skilled specialists and to realize their creative potential. They take direct participation in the development of the products of international level and to make a good career at one of the leading enterprises of airborne instrument engineering industry.

To encourage young specialists the joint-stock company management assigned them additional payment of 3000 (4000) roubles a month during the first three years.

There is a special program for adaptation of young employees to working conditions at the enterprise. Every young specialist has an individually developed program and a tutor who helps him in his work.

Young specialists have the opportunity to improve their living conditions in accordance with Regulations about fund allocation for employees of our enterprise.

Youth Board was set up for involving youth in production and social activities of the enterprise and for solving young people’s problems and arranging their leisure.

Youth Board

Youth Board of UIMDB was set up in 2001. It is an elective body and its activity is directed at effective implementation of youth policy at the enterprise.

Currently Youth Board of UIMDB is occupied with the arrangement of entertainment, sports and cultural events; it also helps the company management to organize solemn events, festive concerts, award ceremonies and the others.

To improve the research and production activity of young specialists and to motivate them for making a successful and rapid career we have a special program for adaptation of young employees at the enterprise; every young specialist is assigned a tutor and has an individually developed program for his rapid adaptation.

Youth Board puts forward proposals for company management consideration about promotion of the best young employees.

Youth Board Activity

Youth Board makes arrangements for different events at the enterprise and for participation of young specialists in All-Russian and Regional contests.

There are different sports competitions (football, volleyball and table tennis), creativity competition and photographic competitions in which young specialists can take part in. Youth Board also organizes competitions for children, such as Children’s Drawings Competition which is devoted to UIMDB Foundation Day on May, 24 and to International Children’s Day.

Youth Board closely cooperates with trade union committee of our enterprise. It takes an active part in carrying out the program "Zabota" – helping the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

UIMDB team is a regular participant and one of the leaders of the regional program for working youth "PROdvizhenie". The representatives of our enterprise became winners of different sports and creativity competitions held by this Program. They have already been the winners of team placing for several years.

Young employees take part in regional competitions, such as traditional athletic relay race, tourist rally and the others.

UIMDB youth can not only work well, but also spend their free time actively, with imagination and great interest!