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Social policy

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In UIMDB JSC the interests of employees are represented by UIMDB Primary trade-union organization of trade union of workers of aviation industry.

UIMDB trade-union organization carries out the following tasks:

  • participates in developing and concluding Collective Agreement, controls its execution;
  • controls the compliance with labor legislation, labor and environment protection legislation;
  • Together with the employer provides:
    • sanitary and health resort treatment of the employees: UIMDB has recreation family center “Nagornoe”. Every year more than 700 people have a rest in this picturesque place on the bank of the Volga river;
    • rest and improvement of children’s health during summer period;
    • sports clubs for the employees;
    • tourism;
    • charity: the enterprise takes part in charity work and sponsors Novodolsky Children’s home called “The Island of Childhood”;
  • social and material support to the trade union members;
  • control of correct charge and timely allowance and social insurance payments;
  • representation of trade union members’ interests in labor disputes commission when the individual and collective disputes (conflicts) are resolved;
  • assistance to trade union members who are happened to be in difficult life situation;
  • care of working and retired (honored) pensioners: UIMDB helps to veterans of Great Patriotic War and Labor veterans – former employees within social program “Zabota”;
  • assistance in implementation of reasonable ideas;
  • independent examination of labor conditions and employees safety;
  • investigation of accidents in operation process and occupational diseases;
  • solidarity with other trade unions and public associations in protection of rights and interests of employees.