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Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau JSC was founded on May 24, 1954 and has been developing in the sphere of design and manufacture of avionics as well as automatic control systems for general industrial purposes. We are always pleased to employ the specialists whose vocation is developing and manufacturing of avionics for aircrafts and helicopters. Skilled specialists will be able to apply their knowledge and experience adequately and young programmers and research engineers will obtain the opportunity to develop their skills and to test their strength in real projects under the supervision of experienced tutors.


The enterprise is interested in employing both professionals and young specialists – promising students and graduates from institutes of higher education. Our task is to create optimal working conditions for everyone and to provide satisfaction with the results of work.


  • emphasis not on the process, but on the result of work;
  • compliance with the requirements of particular vacant position;
  • ability to organize and plan his (her) own time;
  • desire for studying, aspiration for professional development;
  • responsibility for work;
  • creative solution of the given tasks;
  • positive and friendly attitude to colleagues, ability of team work.


  • Applicants send their CVs at ukbplkv@mv.ru and after considering the preliminary selection results they are invited to an interview.
  • In case of successful interview, the candidate is accepted for employment. To conclude the employment agreement it is necessary to provide the following documents:
    • passport;
    • retirement insurance certificate;
    • TIN;
    • education certificate (diploma, certificate, etc.);
    • military service record card (for people liable to military service);
    • work record card (for people who have worked earlier);
    • reports from the previous work (for people who have worked earlier).
  • On the first working day the employee concludes the employment agreement, familiarizes with the company working routine, working conditions.