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Advantages of work

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For our employees we offer:

  • working places with state-of-the-art equipment;
  • respectable salary;
  • full package of social assistance, additional nonpublic social programs (“Nagornoe” holiday village, possibility to go in for spots at sport complex and swimming pool, fitness hall, the room of emotional release and etc.);
  • great opportunities for self-realization, creativity and career progress;
  • skills training and professional development at seminars, courses, trainings.


For three-year students we offer an interesting work in compliance with their future profession, their skills and knowledge, and provide individual working conditions (flexible schedule).

After getting the diploma of higher education the young employees acquire the status of young specialists which is retained for three years. During this period every month they get additional payment from the fund of general director besides their salary.

There is a special program for adaptation of young specialists at the enterprise which is successfully implemented. Every young specialist has an individually developed program and a tutor who helps him in his work.

Much attention is paid to stuff development (skills training and professional development at seminars, courses and trainings. The optimal conditions for getting the second higher education and postgraduate education (postgraduate study, Ph. D defense) are also provided.

Young specialists have the opportunity to improve their living conditions in accordance with Regulations about fund allocation for employees of the enterprise.

To motivate the youth for making a successful and rapid career and to encourage their work the company holds the annual contest “The best in profession”. There is also a nomination of “The best young specialist”.

The conditions for healthy way of living, sports and rest are provided.