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Post sale service

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Main objectives of post-sale service

  • Assuring trouble-free operation due to qualitative repair of failed items;
  • Creation and building-up of exchange stock of products for replacing them within term of warranty and leasing to customers during out-of-warranty period;
  • Creation and building-up of spare module stock for provision of repairing modules within undertime of 3 days;
  • Improvement of products by the End-user service reports;
  • Provision of technical help to customer;
  • Participation in meetings and conferences on products operation and maintenance;
  • Repair of modules and all-inclusive service of enterprises that perform repairing using НАСК-2000 ground computer-aided test equipment for aircraft and helicopter onboard systems;
  • Creation and supporting data base about failures, aircraft flight hours, exchange stock of products, spare module stock, system and module dislocation.

Diagram – UIMDB JSC After-sale service system