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Quality management system

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To achieve and support the quality of the manufactured products and to meet customer requirements UIMDB JSC developed, documented and applied Quality Management System functioning permanently in compliance with the following regulatory documentation requirements:

  • AS/EN 9100-2009 «Quality management systems. Aerospace industry. Requirements»;
  • GOST R ISO 9001-2008 «Quality management systems. Requirements»;
  • GOST R ISO 9004-2008 «Quality management systems. Guidelines for activity improvement»;
  • GOST RB 0015-002-2011 «Quality management systems»;
  • Regulation 21 “Certification procedures of aeronautical engineering”;
  • Regulation 21.2 D and Aviation Regulations.

QMS is an integral part of general management system of scientific, production and economical activity of the enterprise oriented on customer.

QMS in JSC UIMDB functions on the basis of process approach. The company determined the main processes necessary for its activity:

  • Process «Design and Development»;
  • Process «Product Manufacture»;
  • Process «Product Maintenance»;
  • Process «Tests».

The company constantly performs monitoring to achieve planned results and to improve the efficiency of QMS.

In 2009 UIMDB JSC was included in the International Aerospace Quality Group OASIS.