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Remote control and management system for hydro power stations

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The system is designated for acquisition and transmission of information about the current hydro unit operation modes, fault conditions and accidents, and also performs the function of hydro unit remote control and monitoring.
The system provides stand-alone operation mode of small hydro power stations without permanent presence of maintenance personnel.
Small hydro power station remote control and monitoring is performed by applying satellite data transmission channel that provides:

  • moderate cost of implementation;
  • high speed data transfer regardless of geographical position of hydro power station and data acquisition server.

The block diagram of remote control and monitoring system for small hydro power station on the basis of satellite data transmission channel

Components of block diagram on the basis of bidirectional satellite data transmission:

  • management cabinet for hydro unit which provides the functions of starting, shutting down and controlling of hydro unit in automatic and manual operation modes;
  • Ethernet-switchboard, providing the integration of the equipment into local area network;
  • satellite point of presence (POP) providing data reception and transmission to the main satellite;
  • the main satellite providing data transmission between two or more POPs;
  • SSD-1 Data acquisition server providing data reception, processing and storage, remote control and providing the operator and other users with the necessary information;
  • ADSL modem providing data transmission to the remote users and supervisory bodies.

SUG-1M management cabinet and satellite POP are integrated to the single local area network by Ethernet-switchboard.

Electric power supply from 220 V AC 50 Hz UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

SSD-1 Data acquisition server cabinet is installed in the dispatcher station and is connected to satellite POP via built-in Еthernet port. ADSL modem provides data transmission via telephone line to the service organization, to Customer, remote data server or any other user that has access to this information.

The following information is transmitted via satellite channel:

  • signals about faults and emergencies;
  • signals about operation modes of hydro units (start, idle mode, operation with load, stop of hydro unit, emergency shutdown);
  • signals about the position of water conduit shutoff valves, hydro turbine shutoff valves, generator switching device;
  • signals about the generated power of hydro unit.
The warning and emergency information is transmitted to the operator of hydro power station maintenance personnel in the form of SMS-messages.