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The main strategic goal of UIMDB JSC is to increase the competitive ability and take the leading positions on home and global markets of avionics within the frame of the current and newly developed company competences.

To achieve this goal the company activity should be focused on the following tasks:

  • the development of world market competitive airborne equipment within the company competences on the basis of integration of advanced design and certification technologies;
  • modernization of company production facilities for implementation of base and critical technologies, technology improvements in accordance with the company competences;
  • organization of post sale service of the manufactured products corresponding to the world market standards level; the wide implementation of НАСК-2000 systems as the basic firmware tools for creation of corporative network of “Aviapribor-Holding” JSC post sale service and a global network of post sale service of Russian aircraft;
  • creation of working places with state-of-the-art equipment and improvement of the current social welfare of the company employees;
  • assurance of financial steadiness and stable profitability of the company.