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UIMDB JSC checkout-test center

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“The program on modernization of testing base” has been successfully fulfilled by UIMDB JSC since 2004. Within the frames of this program the old equipment was replaced and a unique «Checkout Test Centre” was put into service in UIMDB for conducting different types of tests of in-house design aviation equipment and third-party equipment such as stability against mechanical impacts and climatic factors, electromagnetic compatibility, power supply quality, resistance to electrostatic discharge, evaluation of lighting parameters, resistance to contaminant liquids according to the requirements of regulatory documents НЛГ-С,-В, КТ-160Д.

  • In 2007 Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory (EMC) was put into service. The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date checkout test equipment and measuring instruments produced by the world leading manufacturers (Rohde&Schwarz, Amplifier Research, Schaffner, Anritsu and other). The laboratory provides conducting tests on electromagnetic compatibility, power supply quality, resistance to electrostatic discharge.
  • In 2007-2009 climatic and mechanical test bays were put into service: 23 temperature-climatic chambers of Weiss (Germany) and 3 vibrosystems of Tira (Germany). 1200 m2 of production facilities were reconstructed.
  • In 2008 Inertial Systems Test Bay was put into service with EVO-20 CL two-axis rotation simulator of «Wuilfert» (France) for testing products having attitude orientation modules.
  • In 2009 UIMDB JSC obtained License of RF Ministry of Industry and Trade “On conducting tests of airborne equipment including airborne equipment of double application and avionics” (License No. 10534 dated 25.12.09).
  • In 2010 Electrical Power System Simulation complex was put into service on the basis of EMC laboratory (US, Germany) to conduct the complete cycle of product tests on power supply quality.
  • In December 2010 UIMDB Checkout Test Center was accredited as Competence Test Center of Certification system of aircraft equipment and civil aviation facilities and GOST P – accreditation certificate No. Il-077 of Interstate Aviation Committee and Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology dated 09.12.2010 to be effected till 01.09.2015.

UIMBD competence accreditation certifies a high technical level of the center, provides the necessary guaranties in assuring the preset accuracy and quality of all types of tests and broadens the possibilities of the enterprise to conduct tests including certification tests of products of different organizations.

UIMDB JSC Checkout-Test Center performs the following types of tests:

  • mechanical;
  • climatic;
  • measurement of lighting parameters;
  • electromagnetic compatibility (ЭМС);
  • inertial systems.

UIMDB JSC has the Certificate of the quality management system compliance with AS/EN 9100.

For the further development of UIMDB JSC Checkout-Test Center in order to broaden the fields of accreditation and to increase the quality of the products produced the following is to be done:

  • to create in 2011 a testing bay for conducting tests on susceptibility of products to processes caused by lightning. For this purpose there was made a contract on delivery of «EMC PARTNER» equipment complex (Switzerland);
  • to create in 2012 г a testing bay for HALT/HASS tests.


You can download the information presented in the booklet “UIMDB JSC Checkout-Test Center”.



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